Membership Form

Use this online membership application form to join or renew your membership in the Houston chapter of Sisters In Crime.

The application process involves these steps:

1. Fill out the information in this form.

2. Press the “Submit” button.

3. On the confirmation screen, press the “Pay Now” button to be directed to or select “Pay by check” button. Credit card payments with PayPal are secure.
-If you are joining between January 1 and June 30, dues are $35 (membership expires December 31 of this year).
-If you are joining between July 1 to November 30, dues are $17.50.
-If you are joining or renewing in December, dues are $35 and will be applied to membership for the upcoming year.

4. If paying by check, send checks with your registration information to:
Houston Sisters in Crime
c/o Black Mare Books
P.O. Box 821331
Houston, TX 77282-1331

5. Within a few days you should receive, via the e-mail address you provide, a confirmation that your application was processed. If paying by check, this may take longer.

Please note that if you are paying with a different name / business name and email, make note of your HSinC registration information in the PayPal comments sections or on your check.

Do you have a new book for our carousel? Send your book information to with your Houston SinC member name, pen name (if applicable) and book name.