Welcome to Houston Sisters in Crime! Houston Sisters in Crime is a regional chapter of Sisters in Crime. We formed our chapter in the fall of 2019 and we began meeting in January 2020.

Sisters in Crime is an international organization whose mission is to promote the ongoing advancement, recognition and professional development of women crime writers. Please read our Code of Conduct.

We currently host our meetings and speaker events on Zoom and will do so until further notice.

Our events are open to all writers, no matter their genre or gender. Members receive Zoom invitations the week prior to the event. Non-members interested in attending can email us at sinchouston@gmail.com to receive a complimentary Zoom invitation and the opportunity to join our permanent guest list in order to receive announcements about future events.


Sunday, January 16
2-3:30 PM Central Time

“Mastering Plot Twists”—Jane K. Cleland

The stories that keep people on the edge of their seats and up all night are filled with unexpected twists and turns. By integrating plot Twists, plot Reversals, and moments of heightened Danger (TRDs) at tactically sound moments, your stories will captivate readers with their I-can’t-wait-to-see-what-happens-next unpredictability. When your plot twists come at the right moments, your pace will be quicker and the action more focused, and these are the nuanced, multifaceted books that sell, and that find a devoted readership.

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